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Alaska's Cultural Heritage In Education is Vital for Excellence

  • Would you like to be more effective in educating your Alaska Native students?
  • Would you like to access more free cultural-based education resources?
  • Are you looking for more professional development opportunities to enrich your instruction?
  • Do you want more support for developing your educational plans and improve instructional delivery to native students?
  • Would you like to work with peers to learn culturally responsive strategies to engage your students in their learning?
  • Do you want to earn re-certification credits for free?

Through participation in the ACHIEVE program, educators will acquire a greater depth of knowledge about core content and culture-based education.

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Program Offerings will include:

The ACHIEVE program is funded by the Alaska Native Education Program (ANEP). Most Professional Development and travel costs are covered through the grant.

Culturally Based Education Course

18 hours through twelve 90-minutes sessions, plus self-study time

These sessions will be delivered online, with live interaction opportunities when possible. Sessions will focus on: Teachers and Students Working Together; Development of Language and Literacy Across the Curriculum; Connecting Lessons to Students’ Lives; Engaging Students with Challenging Lessons; Emphasizing Dialogue Over Lectures; Learning Through Observation; and, Encouraging Student Decision Making.

Participants will examine the content of relevant research-based documents via inquiry-based interactive discussions through this professional learning community. Each session will conclude with the teachers breaking into grade-level teams to facilitate integration of the seminar’s content into the creation of cultural based lessons. The lessons will define how Alaska Native learning modalities and cognitive styles are affected in order to draw conclusions that serve as indicators as to how educators may provide instruction/learning opportunities that are compatible with students' learning styles.

Learning techniques, such as discussion group activities, role-playing, and debates, will enhance lecturing and will be integrated into the session’s agenda. With new-found teaching pedagogy and resources, the educators will create traveling trunks supporting culturally based units, to include native costumes, music, art and artifacts. These trunks will be available to teachers in the Alaskan network.

Summer Cultural Colloquium

30 hours; 5-day Colloquium Camp

The University of Alaska-Fairbanks (UAF) and Alaska Native Knowledge Network (ANKN) will host five-day Summer Colloquium camps. Participants will experience ways in which culture influences understanding of the world around their students and their role in it. Particular attention will be given to cultural processes associated with learning, especially as they are reflected in Alaska Native contexts.

The Colloquium will utilize an experiential learning format and rely primarily on participation in camp activities and group discussions led by the instructor, students, elders, and guest speakers. The class includes traditional fish camp activities and visits to cultural sites.

Among several other required activities, participants will submit a final project for the course to be posted on the web site, followed by an audio-conference in which students present and discuss their projects. Graduate credit will be available.

Cultural Immersion Field Institutes

12 hours; 2-day Field Institutes

Participants will experience on-site field institutes to provide substantive cultural content increasing teacher’s knowledge. Alaskan Native students’ distinct learning style creates a pressing need for teachers to employ culturally responsive teaching techniques based on the everyday lives of their students.

Today's teachers must have experience, understand, and respect their native students’ cultural knowledge base, including studying the history and culture of Alaska Native students that incorporate their values, stories, music, and myths.